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In Trustees We Trust

Trustees play a vital strategic, governance and even an operational role. Regardless of  the organisations size, for many Trustees finding your feet and your voice can take time.  For many joining a Board provides an opportunity to use their talents, experience, and  contacts to support a good cause of personal or of broader interest to them. At the same  time, being on a board provides an opportunity to grow new hard and soft skills, whilst  widening your contacts and networks of influence. However, whilst there are many  benefits to joining a Board, for many the experience of both being on and joining a new  board can be a daunting one.  

Having sat on Boards of all shapes and sizes, the BeOnBoard facilitators share their top  tips on how to survive and thrive as an effective boardroom member. In Trustees We Trust is a 2.5 hour workshop designed to help demystify the language, simplify the  processes, and brings into focus how you can amplify both your voice and Boardroom  effectiveness.  

This interactive workshop is a mix of provocations, breakout sessions, tools, and best  practice tips on how to start and progress your journey towards becoming a more confident and productive Trustee.  

  • • What it means to be a Trustee – 101 - The basics? 
  • • What is my motivation and my unique offer? 
  • • Bringing the best version of me to the Boardroom 
  • • Demystifying the language of the Boardroom 
  • • Articulating my value and voice 
  • • Silencing the doubts? 
  • • Handling difference and confrontation 
  • • What local systems are in place to support me on my journey?
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