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·       To understand, and have experience of, the agenda relating to child protection and safeguarding for children and young adults

·       To meet with Designated Safeguarding Lead monthly, to review child protection and safeguarding referrals and concerns monthly, resulting in a quarterly report that is presented to the Trustees Board

·       To report to the Trustees Board an overview of Child Protection and Safeguarding concerns at each meeting, as a standing item.

·       To convene the Safeguarding and Child Protection Sub-Group as necessary eg to review the outcomes of a safeguarding audit by commissioners

·       Annually to review the Single Central Record and the staff and volunteer training record for Safeguarding and Child Protection.

·       To support the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Chief Executive Officer annually to review of Policies and Procedures related to Safeguarding and Child Protection

·       To support the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Chief Executive Officer, and be the point of contact for discussion, when incidents occur in the organisation – relating to staff, volunteers and service users

·       To keep an overview of changes in legislation regarding Safeguarding and Child Protection with the Designated Safeguarding Lead

·       To be the designated Trustee to discuss and address any safeguarding or child protection concerns raised that have not been sufficiently addressed by the Designated Safeguarding Lead, the management or the organisation

Trustee - child protection and safeguarding



2 per month

Contract Type:

Part time


Bath and online

Close Date:

Friday, 18 November 2022

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