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Job Opportunity - Operations Manager

Fairfield House Bath CIC is looking for a proactive part time operations manager to ensure the smooth running of the daily life of the house including: events, tenants, tours and merchandise, university partnerships.

Must be a good communicator, willing to engage constructively with all. Commercial awareness desirable.

24 hours a week

£18 an hour

Initial 1 year fixed contract

Please send a CV and covering letter by 17th April

Operations manager job description from June 2023

Our vision:  Fairfield House will be a welcoming, multicultural and multi-faith celebration of His Imperial Majesty’s legacy which embraces a home for the aged, a gift to our city of Bath and a noble vision for the world.

Purpose of this role: the Operations Manager manages day to day running of Fairfield House and steers Fairfield House Bath CIC to successful achievement of its annual strategic objectives and financial targets. That means ensuring successful delivery of Fairfield House’s four key income streams.

The operations manager

  1. secures the financial position of Fairfield House and

  2. largely relieves Fairfield’s volunteer directors (including the Bemsca manager) of responsibility for day to day aspects of the life of the house both routine and unexpected.

The income streams are:

  1. Licence rooms to appropriate community business users (CBUs) and keep them happy: service their needs, ensure correct and timely payment and get feedback. This entails putting in place systems to welcome them, taking their money, undertaking light works such as ensuring desks, lighting, wifi or locks are provided. You would set up a system for charged parking for these tenants. You could initiate a “free trial by invitation” offering for example six weeks to get the rooms occupied, and test our ability to provide the level of service needed.

  2. Support the Board in bringing partnership money from Universities and keeping partner Universities happy. This would mean liaison, fielding enquiries, organising occasional events and ensuring each placement or research student has a well defined project and is under the oversight of a responsible Board director.

  3. Support the guided tours: Promote the open days, deal with queries from visitors, ensure tickets are sold and open days are adequately staffed with volunteers. Increase revenues, maintain high quality of visitor feedback

  4. Manage the shop and merch: Stock the shop, ensure it’s well promoted and adequately staffed. Introduce online sales. Increase turnover and profitability to meet the year’s business plan targets. Feed back to the Board.

The operations manager would also take primary responsibility for managing other appropriate and agreed uses of the house - such as open days, Rastafari worship, celebration of anniversaries - in line with Fairfield House Bath CIC’s appropriate usage, equality and other policies. This entails close liaison in advance with external organisers of events at Fairfield House, and meeting the need for sensitive and sometimes firm management on the day.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

This role requires a willing, practical and problem-solving person, with strong people and communications skills, very organised, able to work confidently with people of different cultures and ethnicities. A degree of commercial awareness is important.

It’s essential to work closely and harmoniously with BEMSCA which is the longstanding user of Fairfield House.

What does success look like?  Fairfield House is run smoothly, with a warm, positive, welcoming atmosphere where the different communities get on well and boundaries are clear between their different activities.  Performance is in line with current agreed business plan.


24 hours a week: times are open to discussion but you would be required to open and close the house as necessary.

Salary: £18 per hour, which would equate to £22,464 a year.

Initial 1 year fixed contract.


Pauline Swaby

Karen Crawford

01225 464165

Operations Manager


£18 an hour (which would equate to £22,464 a year)


24 hours a week

Contract Type:

Initial 1 year fixed contract


Fairfield House, Bath

Close Date:

Monday, 17 April 2023

Email Contact:

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