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Key Responsibilities


Service Coordination Duties

·       Together with the drivers, coordinate the rotas and routes for collecting people each day to ensure that the Service operates effectively and safely

·       Maintain records of holiday and absence, liaising between drivers to ensure that there is cover for absence.

  • Be the main point of contact for people using our transport and employees wishing to communicate with the Transport Service
  • Collate the records of mileage/fuel consumption for each vehicle and complete the details on Excel spreadsheet on Sharepoint each month
  • Support with the implementation of an electronic Field service App for drivers

·       Be responsible for health & safety requirements relating to our passengers, employees and vehicles

  • Compile reports for our funders, as required, and assist with grant applications


Staff Management, Training & Supervision

·       Manage the other drivers to ensure a good level of performance of their jobs.

·       Recruit new drivers, where necessary, with assistance from line manager

·       Facilitate regular drivers’ meetings, conduct 1:1’s and ensure that everyone has access to the training they require

  • Ensure Age UK Bath | North East Somerset Policies and Procedures are correctly followed

 Responsibility for Vehicles  

·       Ensure vehicles are properly maintained, cleaned, and repaired

  • Make the necessary arrangements for vehicle maintenance and complete monthly reports.  

·       Manage all aspects of vehicle upgrades

·       Ensure the vehicles are taxed, insured and have up to date MOT

·       Be responsible for vehicle security

·       In the event of an accident ensure a report is completed, photos and statements taken, insurers notified and all of requirements are complied with in a timely fashion.


Driving and Passenger Care  

·       Drive an Age UK Bath | North East Somerset minibus on routes and at times.

·       Accompany passengers safely from their home to the bus, ensure they get on and are seated safely and comfortably.

·       Deal with any discomfort or emergency arising for the passengers during the journey

·       Deliver the passengers to the agreed destination on time

·       Ensure the passengers are able to get off the bus safely and see that they enter the building that they are delivered to, accompanying them if necessary

·       Maintain logs of mileage driven and hours worked

·       Keep the vehicle clean inside and out

·       Liaise with the Club Organisers so as to pick up and set down passengers at times convenient for the Day Club

·       Notify the organisation of any prosecutions for driving offences incurred whilst an employee

·       Notify the organisation of any illness or any medication you are taking which may affect your ability to drive safely

·       Drive safely, always complying with all regulations of the Highway Code and all legal requirements/parking regulations

·       Do regular safety checks of the vehicles such as checking tyres, tyre pressures, seat belts. Maintain records of checks.

Transport Lead


£23,660 per annum pro rata



Contract Type:

Part time


Bath, Keynsham & Somer Valley

Close Date:

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Email Contact:

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