3SG Objects

3SG Objects


​The name of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (“the CIO”) is:



National location of principal office

The principal office shall be at 10 Westgate Street, Bath BA1 1EQ or such other place as the charity trustees shall from time to time determine.


The objects of the CIO are:

  1. To promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of the public, principally but not exclusively in the local government area of Bath and North East Somerset and its environs (hereinafter called the "Area of benefit") and, in particular, build the capacity of third sector organisations and provide them with the necessary support, information and services to enable them to pursue or contribute to any charitable purpose.
  2. To promote, organise and facilitate co-operation and partnership working between third sector, statutory and other relevant bodies in the achievement of the above purposes within the area of benefit.

"Third sector" means charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.  “Charities” are organisations, which are established for exclusively charitable purposes in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

​"Voluntary organisations and “social enterprises” are independent organisations, which are established for purposes that add value to the community as a whole, or a significant section of the community, and which are not permitted by their constitution to make a profit for private distribution. Voluntary organisations and social enterprises do not include local government or other statutory authorities.

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