About 3SG

About 3SG

3SG is a thriving, independent membership network supporting the charity, social enterprise, faith and voluntary sector operating in Bath and North East Somerset. The aim of our Bath based charity is to raise the profile of our members, provide 1-1 support and give them a chance to influence local strategic decision making. We run and share relevant events, training and disseminate information and post job opportunities. In December 2018 we became a registered charity and a founding member of the West Of England Civil Society Partnership.

3SG have 8 Trustees who represent the views of the local 3rd sector and sit on strategic local boards and networks. We also have a Director who manages the 3SG network, supports members, organises events and manages relationships with local partners. You can contact 3SG here.

In 2019 we will be launching an exciting new project called Compassionate Communities B&NES which you can read more about here.

What Support Do We Offer Charities & Social Enterprises?

Case Study

In June 2019 we spoke to Sarah Oughton from SWAN Transport to find out more about the work of this small charity in Radstock. Read the full interview here

Challenges Facing The Local 3rd Sector

We surveyed our members in 2018 and asked them for the top 5 challenges they are currently facing. The results below highlight some of the challenges 3rd sector organisations in Bath and North East Somerset are currently facing and will be treated as priorities for 3SG in 2019 and beyond:

1. Sourcing sufficient volunteers with right skills

2. Coping with increasing demand on services

3. Finding long term sustainable funding

4. Managing change

​5. Finding time to develop partnerships

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