About 3SG

About 3SG

3SG is an independent membership network supporting the charity, social enterprise, faith and voluntary sector operating in Bath and North East Somerset. The aim of our Bath based charity (Registered Charity Number 1181029) is to raise the profile of our members, provide 1-1 support and opportunities to influence local strategic decision making. 

You can contact our small team here

3SG run and promote relevant charity events, training and disseminate information and charity job opportunities. We also promote charitable activities and facilitate co-operation between community organisations and statutory bodies in B&NES such as the Council, Virgin Care, CCG and Community Volunteer Services in Bath and North East Somerset. In December 2018 we became a founding member of the West Of England Civil Society Partnership.

3SG is not aligned to any political party or campaign group and receive no local authority funding towards our core costs.

Our equalities resources can be found here

In 2020 we launched the Compassionate Community Movement which is a broad initiative bringing people together in Bath and North East Somerset to support one other. In April we launched our Emergency Volunteer Response supporting thousands of people with urgent food and medication and in December 2020 ran a successful Compassion at Christmas campaign 

Our Trustees

We have 10 Trustees who are all representatives of 3rd sector organisations working in BaNES and many sit on strategic local boards and networks.

We recognise there is always more we can do to ensure the full diversity of the 3SG members is reflected on our Trustee board and this is a priority for us as we develop and implement our strategy.

Our Employees

We are a small team of 2 paid employees (Director & Coordinator) whose role is to support and build the 3SG membership network, organise events and manage relationships with local partners.

We are also very fortunate to have the incredible Sarah Williams-Martin onboard who is contracted to Manage the Compassionate Community Emergency Volunteer Response (CCEVR). The CCEVR has been supporting individuals during the COVID pandemic since March 2020. Sarah is also Chair of the Bath & North East Somerset Dementia Action Alliance.


Our Funders

3SG is an independent charity, therefore it is vital that we receive funding in order for us to continue to support the local 3rd sector. We are extremely grateful to the foundations (pictured below) who continue to fund our work.



Supporting Charities and Social Enterprises

Strategic Representation

3SG members attend and provide feedback from key boards and committees in Banes.

Challenges Facing The Local 3rd Sector

We surveyed our members last year and asked them for the top 5 challenges they face. The results below highlight some of the challenges 3rd sector organisations in Bath and North East Somerset are currently facing and will be treated as priorities for 3SG in the years ahead:

1. Sourcing sufficient volunteers with the right skills

2. Coping with increasing demand on services

3. Finding long term sustainable funding

4. Managing change

​5. Finding time to develop partnerships

Does Bath or Banes have a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS)?

A Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) is a type of charity in England defined as "the place at which local voluntary and community organisations speak to each other". They offer a wide variety of services and support for local organisations, for example training, or advice on funding.

Until 2012 the CVS in B&NES was provided through a service level agreement with CVS North Wiltshire. This was followed by the  Connecting Capacity project which ended in 2015. 3SG was formed by a group of local charities in 2016 and in 2018 became a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) which brings CVS' and 3rd sector infrastructure organisations in England together.

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