Sustainable Food Partnership

Sustainable Food Partnership


3SG is supporting a group of charities and social enterprises in Bath and NE Somerset to work in partnership on food surplus, collection and distribution, outlets and education.



The mission of the Sustainable Food Partnership is to improve lives, influence local food policy and optimise sustainable food provision in Bath and north east Somerset.

Join our movement to make food accessible in a sustainable way that empowers everybody in B&NES to optimise their health and wellbeing


Core Issues

Our partnership is focused on the following 4 core issues:

  1. Food Surplus Sources
  2. Collection and Distribution
  3. Community Outlets & Signposting
  4. Food Education


A volunteer with Genesis Trust has produced an excellent map of all the community food outlets in B&NES (over 90 and counting so far). 

Contact Us to add more!


Who are we?

Fiona Bell (Independent volunteer)

Fiona has volunteered with B&NES projects using food surplus since 2013,  firstly for 5 years with Bath Foodcycle in front-of-house, chef, driver and overall project leader roles. She organised and ran the ‘Bread for Breakfast’ trial linking surplus bread with school breakfast clubs in 2016 and has contributed to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty. Initiatives include:

- running cooking sessions for the Peasedown Lifestyle Change project (part of Action Against Child Poverty),

- working with Bath University School of Management on the logistics of surplus food collection & distribution,

- visiting large scale Collection and Redistribution of Food operations across the country,


Fiona is currently supporting the food supply for the Keynsham Community Fridge. "

Immi Corry (Independent volunteer)

Anja Haywood (Bath Mind)

Anja obtained a degree in Communication Science from South Africa. She then moved to the UK and studied Nutritional Therapy in London. She worked as a Nutritionist in various sectors including running her own clinic, for a children and family weight management programme and as a Wellbeing advisor based in GP surgeries in Surrey. She was also involved in the public sector leisure and fitness industry in various roles. Anja joined Bath Mind in November 2018 as a Food for Thought Support Worker. They run various cookery workshops and food groups as well as doing catering for events.
Susannah Jewell (Independent volunteer)

Susannah is an experienced Project Director who is passionate about encouraging strong, caring, self-sustaining communities that support each other to overcome many of the social issues faced today. 

Joe Lavington (Independent volunteer)

Joe is a creative designer based in the southwest of England.

Allison Whittaker (Community Centre Manager, Salvation Army)

In Bath we have a cafe, open to the public, at very affordable prices as our aim is to encourage people in to make them feel welcome and supported if the need arises.

We allow homeless people or people who have particular needs to eat in our cafe free of charge. We have a luncheon club on a Friday where we make a meal for around 30 people for a small charge.

We also give out food parcels to people who request them, especially for families who need fresh fruit and vegetables for the children.

Information Sharing

The Sustainable Food Partnership use a private Loomio group to share resources and information which you can request to join here


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