Volunteer Marshal

Volunteer Marshal

29.2.2021 Update: We have been delighted with the number of people signing up to become Indoor Volunteer Marshall's at the Bath Mass Vaccination site and we are not currently looking for new volunteers.

You are still welcome to register you interest below in case we need more people in the future.

You can view the Volunteer Marshal Job Description here. Below are the links to each of the 5 Stages required to complete your Volunteer Marshal Profile. If you're starting from Stage 1 then each form automatically takes you to the next stage. If you stop your application at any point, then you DO NOT need to re-submit the stages you've already completed. Just carry on where you left off, using the Stage links below:


Stage 2 - Covid Risk Assessment

Stage 3 - 3SG Volunteer Handbook

Stage 4  - Health Assessment: Self Certification Form

Stage 5 - ID's and Convictions


Stage 6 to 11 - Once Initial Application Approved

If your initial application form is approved by us, then you'll shortly be sent an email requesting you to complete Stage 6 to 11 providing optional e-learning & book onto a compulsory orientation zoom session. See links below:

Stage 6 to 10 - Optional NHS E-Learning - 5 Modules - Help & Guidance Click Here to View

Stage 11 - Book Zoom: Compulsory Orientation Session


Help & Support

If you need any help or support with any of the stages of your application, then there are a number of ways in which we can help you:

1. Drop-in help zoom sessions - Click here to view times when you can join a zoom call and someone can help you

2. Help & Guidance documents - Specifically in relation to the optional e-learning - Click Here to View

3. Contact Us - In your podio profile you can write a comment in the activity section or you can email: volunteers@3sg.org.uk


Who are 3SG?

3SG is an independent membership network supporting the charity, social enterprise, faith and voluntary sector operating in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES). In 2020 the Compassionate Community Movement was launched as a stand alone broad initiative that brings together individuals, organisation & networks in BaNES to better support the community.

In April 2020, 3SG launched the Compassionate Community Emergency Volunteer Response, which supports thousands of people with urgent food and medication deliveries, as well as other initiatives. The Compassionate Community movement is not an organisation, volunteers have to sign up to a registered organisation, which is the role of 3SG in relation to the CCEVR. The CCEVR works with the Community Wellbeing Hub that was also setup in response to COVID-19 and provides a central hub of wellbeing services for residents across BaNES. If you have any queries you can email: contact@3sg.org.uk

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