Who are 3SG?

Who are 3SG?

The unitary authority of Bath & North East Somerset (commonly known as B&NES) doesn't have a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) so in 2016 a group of local charities working in Bath, the Chew Valley, Keynsham, Midsomer Norton, Radstock and Westfield came together to form the Bath and North East Somerset 3rd Sector Group (known as 3SG).

​3SG was accepted as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in December 2018 and is a registered charity that supports the charity, social enterprise and voluntary sector (also known as VCSE's or the 3rd sector) operating in Bath and north east Somerset. Our primary aim is to raise the profile of our members and give them a chance to influence local strategic decision making. We run and share relevant events, training and disseminate information. 

We have 10 Trustees who represent the views of the local 3rd sector and share information via local  boards and networks. We also have a part time Development Manager who manages the 3SG network and organises events and manages relationships with strategic local partners.

Our Aims & Objectives

· 3SG aims to consider and champion the views and experiences of the local 3rd sector, ensuring that the 3SG is a key part of the public services decision making processes in B&NES.

· Act as a mechanism to raise issues and opportunities for the local 3rd sector as well as develop innovative joint responses.

· Support the 3SG representatives on partnerships and boards as appropriate.

· Encourage joined up communications across the sector as well as share resources and expertise.

· Be a focal point for receiving and disseminating strategic information.

· A platform to promote & raise awareness of the activities of volunteers & 3rd sector organisations operating in B&NES.

How Can I Engage With 3SG?

There are four main ways you can engage with us:

1. Organisational Members

One representative from any constituted third sector organisation working in B&NES can become an Organisational Member of the 3SG. The 3SG Coordinator maintains an active Organisational Membership list and invites members to the annual open meeting. 

2. 3SG Trustees

The 3SG has a group of Trustees (of no more than ten people) who are elected annually by one representative of each Organisational Member via attendance at the annual open meeting.

The 3SG Trustees meet quarterly at closed meetings. They represent the views of the local 3rd sector & their networks at meetings and disseminate information back out to members. 

The elected members of the 3SG Trustees consist of senior representatives from a range of local third sector organisations that must be existing Organisational Members of 3SG. The current list is available by clicking here.

3. Enablers

3SG works with Enablers whose role is to support the local 3rd sector but do not have 3SG voting rights and are not Trustees or Organisational members. The following enablers attend the closed meetings when possible:

4. Representatives 

Representatives of the following boards and networks attend the closed meetings when possible. They also feed in information and consult with the 3SG Trustees on a regular basis. Many of the Trustees will also be Representatives and sit on other networks and boards:


3SG is run by members for members.  Our Trustees are all representatives of local third sector organisations who volunteer their time to 3SG. We have a part time Development Manager whose time is generously supported by Localgiving & St John's Foundation

​We are also grateful for the support of Quartet Community Foundation who have provided a grant to help pay for member events and this website.

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