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£55k in donations directed to local charities

Over £55,000 in donations has been directed to charities tackling holiday hunger in Bath and North East Somerset.

Two weeks ago 3SG and Wera Hobhouse MP ran a successful Localgiving campaign which saw 400 generous people donating to prevent holiday hunger. In order to distribute these funds rapidly and effectively, 3SG worked with St John’s Foundation and Welfare Support to identify community-led food projects serving communities of high-need across Bath and North East Somerset. This funding will build the capacity of an emerging network of affordable food pantries, as well as supporting the infrastructure around the distribution of surplus food to charitable projects across the area.

FareShare South West, Mercy In Action - Action Pantry, Oasis Hub, Weston Welcome Cafe and Food Club, Southside Family Project and Family Action - FOOD Clubs and other members of the BANES Affordable Food Network have benefited from increased funding to support their work providing more affordable food to families and young people in Banes.

James Carlin, Director of 3SG said “I've been involved in fundraising for 15 years and never seen such a rapid public response to an appeal. 3SG is an independent charity that supports community activity and we are pleased to have been able to direct this money to where it’s needed most. Holiday hunger is not an issue that will be solved overnight which is why this much needed funding has been directed to projects making a long term impact on providing more affordable food to families and young people in Banes.”

St John’s Foundation said “As funders of a number of initiatives tackling the long-term drivers of food insecurity in B&NES, we are delighted to have been invited to support 3SG to distribute these much-needed funds. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the public for their generosity and to all of the organisations who are working so hard to ensure that local families have access to nutritious food all year round. We are delighted that the importance of their work is being recognised and strongly supported.”

Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath added: “It’s a testament to the caring nature of our communities that there are so many quality local organisations who are working to tackle food poverty.”

“I am pleased that the money that we raised is being delivered to these groups so rapidly, and that food will be available where needed. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the B&NES Holiday Hunger Appeal, and to every single person who so generously donated."

"Let’s keep looking after one another through this difficult period.”

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