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Charity Resource Hub - Cost of Living

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) have put together a hub of resources to support charities in the delivery of their services during the cost of living crisis.

CAF understand that our communities require the continued support of local charities, now more than ever, and have gathered a wide range of experts to provide a helping hand. From governance and planning, to attracting new funding, CAF's Charity Resource Hub is there to help you navigate the crisis and plan for uncertainty.

Tools, guidance and inspiration from CAF's Charity Resource Hub includes financial planning advice, tips to cut IT software costs, cyber security support, and advice for staff support and retainment. You can also browse support and advice via topic area, such as charity loans, funding, governance and fundraising.

CAF have conducted research into the current pressures faced by charities and are using this research to inform their work, including engagements with Government on public policy, and offers of support to non-profit organisations.

They have also opened a new £3m fund offering unrestricted grants to small charities to cover core costs, strengthen capacity, and build resilience. The Keystone Fund is focused on charities with an income under £1 million working to improve social equity in their communities.

To access the Resource Hub and obtain the support you need, click here -

You can also sign up to their newsletter to receive email updates with latest news, funding and financing resources.


Other Third Sector Cost of Living Support

Cranfield Trust 'On Call' - Probono support offered via specialist telephone advice. Bring any cost of living concerns your charity may have, to Cranfield's experts. They will help troubleshoot and provide answers to pressing management questions.

With 'On Call', you needn't feel isolated; if you need to speak to someone in confidence about any struggles your organisation may be facing, or that may be concerning you specifically, Cranfield Trust can help.

Some examples of the types of questions 'On Call' may take are:

  • Financial forecasting: I don’t know exactly how long we’ve got in terms of our reserves. What can I do to get on top of our finances and work out what to do next? Cost cutting: I need to cut costs but don’t know what to do for the best.

  • Signposting: I need to find specialise support and direction on a particular issue

  • Governance: my trustees are postponing meetings and are not making backup plans for staff illness, funding and other problems during COVID-19. What can I do as a staff member to get them to be more engaged?

  • A sounding board for Chief Executives and managers: What should I be saying to my team right now? How can I keep up morale?

On Call is available to any charity with a primary purpose of addressing human welfare issues

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