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Closure of Infrastructure Charity, the FSI

Last week the Foundation for Social Improvement announced that it had taken the difficult decision to formally wind up the charity this Spring. The demise of the FSI follows the closure of the Small Charities Coalition last year.

Third Sector were quick to report on the announcement, pointing out that the news comes two weeks after the 360 Giving report highlighted that over 1,000 infrastructure charities had closed their doors since 2010. A damning statistic at a time when support for small charities is needed more than ever. Civil Society also gathered responses from other infrastructure organisations.

FSI Trustees cited the "increasing challenge [...of] delivering the training and support [...] with the funding received". You can read the full press release and statement from the FSI here.

Since its closure announcement, the FSI is now seeking views and looking to hold discussions and consultations with small charities to hear concerns and identify ways to uphold the legacy of the FSI's work. The sessions will take place in April.

Individuals who would like to be involved in the discussions can register their interest here.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), a trusted partner of the FSI, has also released a comprehensive statement and declaration of support, which can be found here.

For any small charities who are worried, NCVO runs a Small Charity Helpdesk. You can call 020 7520 2552 on weekdays from 9:30am to 5:30pm or email

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