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Design Hops: Learn Step-by-Step Methods for Designing your Charity’s Online Services

If you're looking to get started in digital service design, Design Hops could help.

Design Hops provides free courses to non-profits on a digital journey to solve real challenges within your organisation.

A Design Hop teaches charity participants a step-by-step method for user centred digital design, leading to unexpected insights, powerfully simple digital solutions and a hunger to keep tackling complex problems.

The course is open to all staff and core volunteers of all large or small UK nonprofits. A curiosity to learn more about the potential of digital is a must!

The Hops take place over three Zoom sessions, with short learning activities in between.

Current course dates:

July Hop:

  • Wednesday 6th July

  • Wednesday 13th July

  • Wednesday 3rd August

‍September Hop

  • Monday 12th September

  • Monday 19th September

  • Monday 10th October

October Hop

  • Tuesday 4th October

  • Tuesday 11th October

  • Tuesday 1st November

January 2023 Hop

  • Thursday 19th January 2023

  • Thursday 26th January 2023

  • Thursday 9th February 2023

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