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Eating for Good

Run by registered nutritionist Alison Preston, this cookery course has been designed to look at ways of eating that will help you not only physically but also mentally - something that has possibly never been as important as it is currently.

As well as providing you with the energy to run a busy life and maintain focus, healthy eating may also balance your mental health helping you to stay happy and motivated. Moderation, healthy goals and making simple changes will all be covered in this course as you learn how to make healthy versions of food that you love, as well as giving you some ideas for meal planning.

This course is taking place on Wednesdays from the 16th of September until the 21st of October, from 10:00-13:00 at the Bath City Farm.

It is free for anyone over the age of 19 who is in receipt of benefits, unemployed or earning less than £17,004 per year. (If you do not fit into these categories, please contact Bath College for costings).

For more information, to enrol or refer please call us on 01225 328822 or email

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