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Funding to help you tackle the key issues

Catalyst & The National Lottery Community Fund are funding organisations who want to help tackle key issues facing their communities as a result of Covid-19.

  • Each challenge will support three organisations willing to work together to tackle the challenge alongside experienced digital experts

  • Each organisation can apply for up to £10,000.

  • The projects will run from January-March 2021 over 11 weeks.

The funding will support any of the following challenges: Challenge 1: Supportive online environments ‍We want to test approaches to creating a supportive online environment for staff and volunteers working with people who are experiencing mental health crises. Challenge 2: Strengthening approaches for social prescribing ‍We want to innovate and strengthen data sharing between services in order to promote better social prescribing across organisations in the mental health and wellbeing sector. Challenge 3: Effective online counselling services for survivors We want to prototype an approach for organisations who are transferring counselling service for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence in the online space. Challenge 4: Creating meaningful connections We want to explore how service users can create meaningful online connections with support organisations in order to build trust and ensure they get the most appropriate services and support.

Challenge 5: Reaching digitally excluded families We want to find ways to ensure parents and carers without easy access to data or devices get the support they need. Challenge 6: Creating parent centered signposts We want to rethink the sector’s approach to signposting and referral by adopting a parent-centred point of view. Challenge 7: Redefining volunteering We want to rethink the volunteering model to leverage volunteers as a skilled group of people who are driven to help families and can support different areas of the ecosystem when it’s needed. Challenge 8: Supporting Black families We want to find ways to support the individuals and small organisations caring for Black families in their communities to do their best work, so that children and their families receive the support they need.

Challenge 9: Claiming Universal Credit remotely We want to prototype, test and identify a pain-free way to provide remote support for online Universal Credit claims, so the 33% of people currently failing to register can make a timely and successful claim. Challenge 10: Creating secure documentation sharing for people accessing debt advice Can we create or adapt a platform (or another simple way) for people needing debt advice to securely upload and share documents with debt advice providers? Challenge 11: Coordinating end-to-end advice to those resolving debt issues Can we prototype a way for multiple advice providers to take a coordinated approach in supporting a client’s end-to-end need to resolve their debt issue, without having to repeat their story and without causing added emotional stress? Challenge 12: Enabling self-serve debt resolution Can we prototype and test a self-serve, automated triaging product/service that provides users with a simple, tailored action plan to resolve their own issues?

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