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Grants available for fuel poverty & carbon emissions reduction projects in Bath & surrounding areas

Local projects cutting carbon or tackling fuel poverty while improving our local environment can now apply to the Bath and West Community Energy (BWCE) Fund grant programme.

This popular grant programme is back for a tenth year, thanks to funding from BWCE as part of the work it does in supporting local communities.

Applications for grants of up to £5,000 are invited before the 3 November 2023 deadline.

Award-winning BWCE was set up in 2010 to own and develop renewable energy projects and has since become one of the largest community-owned energy companies in the UK. As a Community Benefit Society it gives surplus income to the BWCE Fund, which has asked Quartet Community Foundation to administer the BWCE Fund grant funding programme, giving grants to community groups and local environmental organisations.

Earlier this year 11 projects in or near B&NES received £31,505 in funding to lower carbon emissions and address fuel poverty. These grants supported:

  • Energy efficiency in community buildings and transport through installation of an air source heat pump in the main building (Bath City Farm); a feasibility study for a proposed new traffic free route (Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon); the development of a physical Climate Hub in Bath (Climate Hub Bath & North East Somerset) and implementing the sustainability plans to improve the energy efficiency of the bungalow on site (Fairfield House).

  • Environmental Education through investment in a thermal imaging camera and materials to help people to learn how to save energy and reduce fuel costs (Bath Share & Repair); free to learn cycle sessions for families and adults including free access to loan bikes (Kidical Mass Bath); an energy saving project that makes information easy to understand for people with learning disabilities (SWALLOW) and a paid student intern to grow Eco Together Climate Empowerment (Transition Bath).

  • Domestic energy efficiency through provision of slow cookers and energy efficiency advice to parents at Keynsham Children’s Centres (Keynsham Community Energy); provision of slow cookers, slow cooker recipe books and heated over blankets for food pantry members (Oasis Hub Bath), plus fuel debt advice and energy efficiency training for Support Workers and provision of energy saving packs (Southside Family Project).

Sophie Hooper Lea, Chair of Trustees for BWCE Fund, said: “This is a critical decade for taking action on the climate emergency and we are delighted to be able to support local organisations that are reducing carbon emissions and tackling fuel poverty. Our funds are provided by BWCE, a member owned social enterprise that generates clean, renewable, community energy.

Thanks to BWCE, since 2015, the fund has awarded 91 grants worth over £270,000 through this grant programme”.

Quartet Community Foundation’s Philanthropy Manager, Angela Emms said: “We’re delighted to continue working with the BWCE Fund. As charities are facing both increasing costs and increasing demands, this grant programme has the double benefit of supporting projects which reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. Carbon reduction does not just relate to energy projects; it might include local food, sustainable transport or waste reduction or indeed any activity that reduces carbon emissions. This year we would particularly welcome applications relating to fuel poverty/affordable warmth, ensuring that everyone can access and afford energy this winter.”

  • Case study – Slow cookers, recipe books and heated blankets for Oasis Hub Bath

A grant of £4,875 from Bath & West Community Energy Fund grant programme, has provided slow cookers, recipe books and heated blankets for their food pantry members. The project has reduced members’ energy costs at the same time as reducing their carbon footprints.

Claire Henwood, Community Worker:

“A slow cooker saves around 1.3kWh of energy for each hour it’s used in place of a conventional oven. Using an electric blanket for eight hours a day instead of a heating system can save around £50 a week. Whilst we would much prefer the recipients of these items to be able to afford to use their heating, this at least provides them with some form of consistent low cost heating, hopefully getting them through the worst of the winter temperatures. This will both ease the impact of living in fuel poverty and reduce their carbon footprint.

We are very grateful for the support we have received from the Bath and West Community Energy Fund.”

Find out more and apply before 3 November

Groups are invited to apply to the BWCE Fund grant programme before 12 noon on Friday 3 November 2023. Interested projects need to apply through the Quartet Community Foundation website:

Full details of the grants awarded in previous years can be found on BWCE’s website

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