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Re-commissioning of Advocacy for Adults

B&NES Council currently provides a range of independent advocacy services for Vulnerable Adults & Children. Independent advocacy is concerned with maximising people’s involvement in decisions about their lives. The advocacy services currently provided meet a number of different needs including helping people understand information, express their needs and wishes, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain the care and support they need. Advocates work in partnership with the people they support and take their side. B&NES has 6 advocacy services in place for adult social care and NHS health complaints, as well as sometimes arranging specific advocacy outside of these services, for example for residents who may be placed outside of B&NES . These contracts have been in place for several years and are due to expire. The council are taking this opportunity to re-examine these services and re-commission as needed to ensure that the right provision is in place. The contracts cover the Council’s legal obligations to provide advocacy, but they also include advocacy that the Council is not legally obliged to provide. As the Council faces increasing financial pressures, we must make sure we are spending public money wisely. The current services in place cover:

  • Health complaints advocacy

  • Social care complaints advocacy

  • Advocacy for people with learning disabilities/autism

  • Care act advocacy

  • Independent mental capacity advocates (IMCA) and Paid Representatives

  • Independent mental health advocates (IMHA)

The Council also makes one-off purchases of IMCA and Paid Representative advocacy to meet the needs of individuals placed in residential settings outside of B&NES. B&NES would like to invite organisations that provide advocacy services for adults to a market engagement session on Tuesday 17th September 12-2pm Keynsham Civic Centre. Please book your place here:

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