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Share & Repair - Top 11 Milestones 2020

We all know what the BIG story was in 2020 but did you know that it’s also been a BIG year for Share & Repair too? So much has changed for them over the past 12 months that they are barely recognisable to a year ago.

Here are their top 11 milestones this year.

February: New Repair Café in High Littleton and took part in The BIG FIX along with Larkhall Repair Café. March: They opened the Share and Repair Shop on Broad Street (part 1) and re-located the Library of Things into the space. Ok, they had to close their doors before they’d even had a chance to welcome the public but that meant they were raring to go once lockdown lifted.

March: They squeezed in their first ‘HOW TO’ workshop at the Weston Hub, giving participants some handy tips on how to use their hand and power tools just before lockdown started (useful!).

April: They became a charity!!! This is a major milestone for them and means they are accountable. Importantly, it also means they can raise funds through grant-making trusts and from Gift Aid.

June: They finally unlocked the door to the Share and Repair Shop on Broad Street (part 2), which one visitor said was “The best shop to open in Bath in the last 10 years”. Since then, they have loaned 411 items (and counting).

July: They were determined to keep the people of Banes sharing and repairing. Like many organisations, they have had to pivot this year. In July they launched bookable repair sessions in the shop and their volunteers in Peasedown St John opened for remote mending. Way to go! (In September, they re-opened Repair Cafes in Southdown, Weston, Larkhall and Peasedown too although they have to skip the Café part for now.)

September: They became the proud borrowers of a Cargo bike from Banes. On loan for three months, the bike means they deliver and collect items around Bath and reduce trips into the city. It also meant some fun introductory bike training for their ever-wonderful volunteers.

October: They reached 400 items for loan in the Library of Things – many of them donated by wonderful people in BANES – and more than 2,000 items seen in Repair Cafes.

November: They employed two members of staff – the amazing Abi, who had been with us since March, and the equally excellent Ellen. Both are now General Managers for Share and Repair – paid positions that have been made possible by funding from The Medlock Charitable Trust, The Raby Trust and Government funding.

December: They had their first virtual meeting with four charities and 3SG to launch The Homebank Scheme. This will see Share and Repair provide safe and secure small electrical preloved items for disadvantaged people moving into their first home and will be an important part of our work next year.

December: They launched their Gift Membership offer – year-long access to all the Things in the Library of Things for just £40. It’s an offer that is not just for Christmas….

As you can see, it’s been a bumper year for Share and Repair despite you know what. And they haven’t even mentioned taking part in the national Big Fix in February, their success on social media in March or launching their Proud Support and Super Supporter memberships in June.

Understandably, they are super proud of their milestones in 2020 and are looking forward to 2021 with hope, resilience and ambition.

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