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Our Director James has formally joined the West of England Civil Society Partnership (WoECSP) on behalf of 3SG replacing Rosie Phillips who has done a great job representing Banes via this strategic network.

WoECSP is a registered Community Interest Company established by Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE) infrastructure and support organisations across the West of England.

The role of the Partnership is to provide:

  • leadership, support and coordination for the VCSE sector across the West of England

  • a voice and focus for the VCSE sector to engage in, influence and scrutinise policy development at a West of England level with the new and emerging governance structures

Achievements of the Partnership to date:

  • Supported the development of and work of the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

  • Supported the development of the LEP Economic Strategy, in particular the approach to supporting Social Inclusion

  • Enabled the development of and supported a successful grant application to the EU Social Fund Building Better Opportunities programme led by Weston College, which has secured £6 million of funding

  • Enabled activity delivered by 25 local VCSE organisations across the West of England to support people furthest from work

The Partnership’s current work includes:

  • Supporting the VCSE in its engagement with the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and Joint Committee

  • Working with the WECA Skills Group, the Rural sector group, the Social Enterprise Sector Group and the Growth Hub

  • Supporting the development of the Local Industrial Strategy and leading on Inclusive Growth

  • Representing the VCSE on the EU Structural Investment Funds Committee

Follow them on Twitter via @woecsp

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