MONEY@WORK is an employee benefit scheme that can help support your employees’ financial wellbeing by offering employees affordable loans and savings directly from their salary.

MONEY@WORK is backed by Bristol Credit Union (BCU) which is an ethical, community-owned bank, helping local people save and borrow at fair rates.

We have been serving members and communities in the West of England since 1999 and have grown strongly during that time with over 14,000 members. We look after £7 million of savers’ deposits, and in the financial year 2018, we were able to help over 2,750 borrowers with loans of £3.5 million at affordable rates.

We are the largest credit union in the South West and are widely respected across the credit union sector for our progressive nature and our commitment to providing excellent services to members, many of whom would otherwise lack access to traditional banking services.

It couldn’t be easier to set up MONEY@WORK in your workplace. We make it as stress-free as possible for our employer partners by handling all the day-to-day account enquiries and administration, and take responsibility for all regulatory compliance. We also provide you with dedicated marketing support tailored to your business to make your employees aware of their new workplace benefits.

Every employer and their systems are different, so if you’d like to set up an Employer Partner Scheme for your employees, and give them a great, low-cost in-work benefit then please contact us to discuss your needs.

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