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Community at 67 is looking for new trustees to support the charity in its development and meet the needs of local people. Details of being a trustee and a role description are here: Becoming a Trustee. If you would like more information or to apply then please contact: chairtrustees@community-67.org or call 07737742300

“Being a trustee at Community at 67 is a rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to use your skills and experience to make a difference to our community and peoples’ lives and help shape the services Community at 67 provides to local people” - Martin Burton, Chair of Trustees.

Community at 67 is a thriving hub in the centre of Keynsham South run solely by volunteers for the local community. It provides a caring, warm and welcoming place where people of all ages may come to relax, laugh, learn, meet others and share in the wonderful community spirit.

One of the current trustees is Ron Sheppard who joined the trustees in 2017

“As a trustee I was able to make the running of the charity much easier by using IT to improve communications, marketing and advertising. I really enjoy working with a great group of volunteers to deliver such a popular community centre”

During the last few months Community at 67 has supported the COVID 19 partnership including a free lunch service for families. We are now planning how our charity supports the community in coming out of COVID so it is both an exciting and challenging time for the organisation.

The charity is especially looking for people who represent the range of people they serve across all sections of the community.

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