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3rd Sector Design & Editing services at your hand at no cost.

Editors for Impact is a social enterprise dedicated to free media content creation for small charities. Their mission is to relieve the challenge of cost, time and access so that your impact gets the best representation while you focus on your work. While still young, our ambition is to improve small charities’ access to media for impact.

Their services include video editing (inclusive of motion graphics and audio production) and graphics design (for example, logos, banners and posters). The organisation is currently made up entirely of volunteers. They’re lucky to have a large pool of experienced and talented editors that are either looking to build their portfolio, or simply give back to charities that need their help.

They have worked with charities from a range of sectors and operating in various locations. Furthermore, we’re able to help charities produce impactful media regardless of the state of their existing content and ideas: they can turn hours of footage into a short film as well supporting charities with no existing images or video of their own. Recently, they have worked with charities like Rise to produce a short film designed to attract much needed donations. In other cases, such as with The Lotus Project and Project Access, the aim is simply to explain the organisation’s ambitions and structure.

Have a look at their portfolio here, and you can learn more on their website.

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