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3SG banner promoting our shared project with Connect Bath; Compassion at Christmas. Red background with white snowflake border. Logos of both organisations in the top middle. Bold white text reads 'Compassion at Christmas' at the top. Photos of 4 previous winning designs are shown in portrait position along the lower edge of the landscape banner. In the middle, a white text box houses red text that reads 'request unique cards for your service users and beneficiaries, or an individual in need. Hand designed by local school children to spread Christmas cheer!'
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Fundraising Events Calendar

Fundraising Events across BaNES

We’ve created a calendar of local fundraising events taking place across Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) to help local organisations plan their events and reduce clashes where possible. You can view this calendar below or add it straight into your personal calendar here (whether you use Google, Microsoft, Apple etc)

Spotted an event missing or want to update an existing event? Please let us know by submitting this form with the details.

Please note: event dates/timings may change and therefore, always check on the event organisers website if you're planning to get involved!

Calendar key:

 Purple  = Internal event fundraising for one charity / organisation. 

 Blue     = External event that any charity can get involved with to fundraise.

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