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Volunteer Spotlights

Volunteer Spotlights

Maddy Huggill

Even if it's only an hour a week you have spare, that time and effort can really help a charity whilst benefiting you too!


Graham Moult

When you have the skills, it's nice to put them to good use.


Henry Brown

It takes all sorts to make a world, and we should value different people for the contribution they can make


Gwen Edwards

...if there is a charity you want to really help, talk to them.


Jamie Rendell know in that instance that, however small, you've created a bit more happiness in the world.


Crispian Huggill

My volunteer experiences have taught me to always be positive! Never give up!


Susanne Haselgrove

My volunteering experiences have taught me that people can achieve wonderful things by working together


Laurence Reeves

As human beings, I believe we all need love, community and relationship and sometimes all it takes is a conversation to ensure that a person knows that they are inherently valuable...


Gill Garlington

It has been a privilege to be part of the programme and it gave me structure to my days when we were in lockdown


Susan Burnett

I love knowing the people around me, participating in community life and helping out where I can


Frances Carroll

People are very interesting and also very grateful for the work that the vaccinators do


Jack Herman

"What I found nice about the situation is that everyone was in good spirits"


We have put the spotlight on a range of amazing volunteers that are supporting local charities across Bath and North East Somerset. View the full spotlights below and get inspired!

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