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Equalities News
Useful Links - General

Equality and Human Rights Commission:

ACAS re the Equality Act:

British Institute of Human Rights:


About Equal Opportunities:

Employee Rights:

Useful Links - Bath & North East Somerset
Useful Links - Age
Useful Links - Disability
Useful Links - Gender
Useful Links - Race


Race on the Agenda (ROTA):

Black South West Network:

Useful Links - Religion & Belief
Useful Links - Sexual Orientation
Useful Links - Transgender


The Gender Trust:

Gender Identity Research and Education Society:

The Beaumont Society:

Equality, diversity and inclusion is vital to 3SG's work; it improves our ability to meet the needs of the organisations and people we serve, adding value to our work and the opportunities we offer.

On this page we have collated a range of relevant resources, news and links to further information. 

For a range of up to date equalities news, visit Equally Yours here


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