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Networks in the BaNES Area

3SG Networks
Ageing Well Network image tile
Ageing Well Network

Organisations working with older people coming together to help shape the future of Ageing Well in BaNES.

Bath Social Impact Network image tile
Bath Social Impact Network

Brings together like-minded groups and individuals to improve and grow the social economy in BaNES.

Fundraising Network image tile
Fundraising & Comms Network

A network for individuals in fundraising and communications to provide opportunities to share knowledge, learn and collaborate.

Leaders' Network image tili
Leaders' Network

A space for CEO's, Trustees, Senior Managers and other Third Sector leaders to connect, learn, share knowledge and support one another.

Social Economy West

A project to enable third sector organisations, social enterprises and co-operatives to achieve both sustainability and greater resilience in this economic climate.

Volunteering Network image tile
Volunteering Network

Brings together organisations and community groups that coordinate and recruit volunteers.

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We have several 3SG Networks that provide opportunities for organisations and individuals in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) to connect, share resources and collaborate. Find out more about our networks below.

We’ve also outlined a range of local external networks aimed at Third Sector organisations, scroll directly here.

External Networks

A broad multi-agency, strategic group that has led work to address food insecurity in B&NES since early 2020

B&NES Fair Food Alliance

A community of local women who want to make a difference.

Bath Women’s Fund

A Black-led infrastructure organisation, working for race equality across the South West.

Black South West Network

Aims to raise the profile of the sector in delivering and sustaining services for children and young people in B&NES

Children & Young People's Network

Led by B&NES Council, this is an opportunity for voluntary and community organisations and service providers to exchange information, promote projects or events and improve partnerships.

Interagency Meetings

A practice network for Green Care, Nature Health and Wellbeing, Eco Therapy and other nature based approaches.

Nature & Health Practice Network

A strategic green infrastructure project led by B&NES Council, Wessex Water, B&NES Public Health and Natural England.

Somer Valley Rediscovered

A community in Bath, Bristol and the South-West driving support for technology for good through bringing people together, sharing knowledge and ideas.

Tech4good South West


Brings together Voscur, CVS South Gloucestershire, The Care Forum, Voluntary Action North Somerset, Wesport, West of England Rural Network and 3SG

West England Civil Society Partnership

We appreciate this list of local external networks is constantly evolving, so please let us know if a network is missing or needs updating.

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