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Become a Volunteer in BaNES

Volunteering Opportunities

Looking to become a Trustee for a charity in BaNES? Check out our local list of trustee roles available to apply for.


A wide range of local volunteering opportunities available in Bath and North East Somerset.

BaNES Community Volunteer Service

CharityJob has thousands of volunteering roles available across the UK. Use their handy search function to find a role to suit you.


Find groups that need volunteers near you with the co-op's volunteer opportunities search.


Become a digital trustee through monthly matchmaking events & resources. Help get digital on the agenda of charity boards.

Digital Trustees

Do you have three or more years' professional experience? Our skills-based volunteers support charities as trustees, on short term projects or with an ongoing commitment.

Reach Volunteering

Connecting techies with charities, schools, and community groups who need help with technology projects.

Technology Volunteers

Want to become a trustee? Get roles you are interested in and right for, straight to your inbox. This innovative system matches you to trustee roles based on your skills, experience, and interests.

Trustees Unlimited

Our volunteering opprotunities page is an ever changing resource of current charity activities open to Bath students.

Uni of Bath SU

Interested in supporting a good cause or helping out in your local community? We've compiled a handy list below of places you can visit to find the perfect opportunity for you.

Communication from 3SG

Community Newsletter

Newsletter image

Our monthly community newsletter contains news about local volunteering, jobs, events & more.

Volunteer WhatsApp

Join our WhatsApp chat to receive monthly roundups of current volunteer opportunities and ad hoc emergency response calls.

Volunteer Spotlights

Interested in reading local volunteer stories? View our Volunteer Spotlights for inspiration.

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