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Why Become a 3SG Member?

For a relatively small amount of money, your organisation can become a member of 3SG Bath & North East Somerset (BaNES). Membership is free for charities with very low income and, for charities with income of >£1M per year, it's only £250 per year to join, with other payment levels in between, so become a member today. What do you gain?

Below is a complete list of all our current Members. If your organisation hasn't already joined, now is the time - you just need a credit card to get started today.

  • Discounted jobs advertising.

  • Free / discounted tickets to events.

  • 1-1 support with James Carlin, 3SG Director

  • Knowledge sharing & networking via our networks and groups.

  • Platform to share your news & events with other 3SG members.

  • Nominate or stand as Trustee.

  • Opportunities to request or co-host events.

  • An exclusive members page with free resources - Funds Online access, Events Archive etc (see below).


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