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3SG Members Pay Thanks to Komedia

For the past 6 months, Komedia Bath have been kindly donating tickets to their Saturday-night, Krater Comedy Club, for use by 3SG members. This has enabled over 20 charitable organisations to treat their staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to a fun-filled evening of well-deserved entertainment

"It was such a treat to be able to visit Komedia and be part of an evening out, It really made my week! The generosity meant a huge amount to me, it may not seem like much but to go out for the night is a real treat for me….Thank you" - Emma from YMCA Brunel Group

The free tickets also allowed YMCA Brunel Group to treat a group of their service users to a "great night out", an experience that they would not normally have the opportunity to enjoy, which was appreciated.

Alan has also made use of Komedia's kind offer for his volunteers. Alan commended the evening, sharing the following: "I have to say I laughed so much I cried, Sally Ann Hayward was on the line up and she is hilarious".

On behalf of our members and the local Third Sector as a whole, we thank Komedia Bath, for their generosity and support.

If you work or volunteer for a 3SG member organisation, and would like to request Krater Comedy Club tickets, please email for more information.

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