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5-minute Guides for Charity Trustees

As a trustee, your charity relies on your leadership to help it fulfil its purpose and its legal responsibilities. But could there be better ways of doing things?

In these challenging and uncertain times, charities need to feel confident they’re getting things right. That’s why the Charity Commission has launched a set of simple, 5-minute guides, designed to help trustees provide the best possible oversight to their charity.

These guides cover five key aspects of charity management. Brushing up on your knowledge of these areas is a simple, practical way to ensure the time you devote to your charity is well spent.

They explain the basics of:

• financial oversight

• achieving your charity’s purposes

• good decision making

• addressing conflicts of interest

• what to file with the Commission and the support available

Whether you’re a new trustee or more experienced, the 5-minute guides are designed to help you with the questions and problems you may face. You’ll find them at

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