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A Climate Emergency Centre for Bath - Get Involved

A group is being formed in Bath with the intention of setting up a Climate Emergency Centre in the City Centre. This is based on a national model which uses a specific type of short-term lease and funding mechanism to establish a centre in an empty property. This can then be used for a wide range of activities and projects aimed at supporting people to develop resilience and share green ideas and resources.

Their first step is to get together with a small number of interested and enthusiastic people for an initial meeting to gauge interest, share the model and discuss the principles and an outline vision. They intend to hold the first meeting at the beginning of May on Zoom. The provisional date for this is Weds 5th May at 6pm.

If any organisation or individual is interested in being part of the initiating group to see if they can make this model work in Bath and would like to find out more, then please email them at:

The group is also hosting a gazebo once a month in Kingsmead Square to help promote green ideas and interact with the public. The last one was on Saturday 24th April 2021 (10am – 3pm). Any groups or individuals wishing to take part or explore the above ideas will be most welcome to come along to these events.

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