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A free volunteer & staff introductory workshop to carbon monoxide risks in the home

You may not really have thought about carbon monoxide risks in your day to day work, both to your client and to you. There is a duty of care to both of you. This online, hour-long workshop is aimed at front line staff or volunteers working in individual's homes. The Think CO online workshop will tell you more about the sources, signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, how to help prevent it and what the implications are to you and your client. In particular, we focus on long term, low level risks which can have serious consequences and help you spot and address the risks. As more vulnerable people are spending time at home, the risks increase. The online workshop is a mix of presentation, scenarios and practical exercises. Only the presenters will be on video, but participants can ask (or type) questions as they go along. They expect the workshop to last just over an hour, but there will be an opportunity to ask further questions. If you or a team member would like to participate in a free, hour long Think CO workshop please click on this link to book: If you would prefer to do an e-learning course instead, covering similar topics and please email them on to receive log on details.

Think CO success story

Earlier this year a member of the North Yorkshire County Council's reablement team was visiting a client, only a few weeks after attending the Think CO workshop. He spotted a gas fire showing signs that it was not working properly and the client described headaches, nausea and dizziness. After an emergency visit from a Gas Safe registered engineer, the fire was condemned because it was leaking carbon monoxide.

This is an example of why this training is so important; it raises awareness and it can save lives.

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