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Active Employee Toolkit

The local charity 'Wesport' have provided some useful resources and are keen to hear from organisations wanting to embed a more active lifestyle into the workplace.

With Covid restrictions starting to relax and many companies thinking about returning to the office or considering hybrid options, now is the time to really support the wellbeing of all staff and instil healthy workplace habits.

  • Those who are active, have a lower risk of depression, anxiety and stress and physical activity helps to reduce symptoms and manage existing conditions

  • Physical Activity in the workplace programmes have been shown to reduce absence by 20%

  • The Return on Investment for Physical Activity in the workplace programmes is a £34 return for every £1 invested.

  • Workplace morale, teamwork and concentration are improved by physical activity and sport.

Sport England have recently launched an Active Employee Toolkit to help embed activity into the workplace and the Workplace Movement Platform gives you a clear framework and provides support and resources.

Lisa from Wesport would be happy to arrange a quick 15 min chat to hear about your organisations wider approach to staff wellbeing and see if there is anything they can help with. You can email her at:

One way in which they could support is by running workplace wellbeing training sessions or helping you set up an organisational physical activity and mental health action plan, through their Sport England endorsed platform.

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