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Advertising for volunteers through SU Bath Volunteering.

Updated: May 30, 2023

From the State of the Sector survey, a large number of organisations mentioned they needed help with more volunteers. With students returning to campus, SU volunteering is on the hunt for new volunteering opportunities to empower our students to support the local community.

We have an online volunteering portal where Charities and Non-profits can create an account and recruit volunteers.

Example adverts

You can see what we are already advertising here:

Create your own account

You can create an account and login here: if you are not sure if you already have an account email the team on

Useful Term dates to know

· Term 2 is running from 7th February until 25th April. These are the best dates to have volunteers as we will have the most in Bath during that time.

· After Exams some students maybe around for the summer plus others will want to volunteer virtually. Summer Holidays start on 6th June.

· Most students will be in exams from 9th May – 5th June

Useful advice

· The main reason activities are slowed being added to the system are due to issues with recruiting dates.

Instructions for use of input page

Note: Text in graphic is copied at the end of the post for accessibility

* We try to fit opportunities within terms or for the academic year. We find students don’t apply for opportunities that straddle academic years as it involves a long summer period where they are not in Bath. We can advertise summer opportunities separately and We can start recruiting over the summer for October 2022 activities.

** We limit recruitment of roles to no longer than a month (Exceptions made in the holidays to be a bit longer) We do this so that the page is constantly up to date.

· We are predominantly looking for volunteering activities but we can advertise fundraising opportunities if they are linked to an event or existing activity. We cannot advertise for students to the fundraiser of their own back on your behalf, as these clashes with what Bath RAG do for the Big 4 Grant – which is now accepting applications until the end of Feb.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with SU Volunteering if you want to discuss any possible opportunities, as we could also facilitate student-led projects;

Accessibility Text from in article graphic.
  • Box 1: The top box is used if it’s a one-off volunteering date. i.e. Tree planting Sat 12th June

  • Box 2: Use this field if it's ongoing. * see notes below

  • Box 3: Display dates are how long you will be able to see the advert on our site. We match the end date to the application deadline below.

  • Box 4: Application deadline. We try to only advertise opportunities for 3-4 weeks. We do this as we see it as a recruitment drive and we want to keep the page fresh. ** more info below.

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