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BaNES Adults Advocacy Recommission

BANES Council have an update for all interested providers working within the Advocacy sector for the BANES area of their proposal for the re-commissioning of the advocacy contract for adults.

They have undertaken engagement and consultation with providers, service users and professionals to seek their views on which would be the most workable contract solution.

They confirm that this is to opt to commission a single provider for the adult’s advocacy contract with the option to use a sub-contractor arrangement where the single provider does not have the specialist expertise for that area.

The scope of the contract will include

  • Independent Care Act Advocacy including Independent Social Care Complaints Advocacy

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy

  • Independent Health Complaints Advocacy

The tender will be published on the Supplying the Southwest portal. It is anticipated that this will be available early December.

Interested organisations need to be registered on Supplying the Southwest (ProContract), in order to receive details when published.

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