Bath and North East Somerset Charity Trustee Review

With the support of Bath University Students, a team of BANES Charity leaders recently analysed a sample of local charity data looking at the diversity of BANES Trustee Boards.

What we did:

We analysed 52 charity boards from a sample set of 445 charities (Database downloaded from the Charity Commission register in September 2020)

We split the charities by size to ensure we had a representative sample.

How we analysed the data:

We looked through charity social media and websites to see if they had an EDI or similar policy. We also crudely made assumptions on the genre of their trustees based on given names.

What we found:

Data can be requested in a word document if people cannot read text off of a graphic.

Headline Data

  • 38% have 65%+ Male Trustees

  • Men make up 57% of BANES Trustees

  • 63% No visible EDI commitment

  • 3 all-female trustee boards and 9 all male.


We have a few ideas, but we first want to hear from you. If you have any ideas or suggestions or any questions on this, please feel free to comment on the article or email Joshua at