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Bath Spa Works: Internships

Message from Bath Spa University:

In 2020 Bath Spa University launched the Virtual Internship scheme (VIS) which saw some of their talented students participate in paid work experience in a variety of engaging roles with local employers. This invaluable experience has no doubt assisted them in their professional development and I want to thank every employer who has participated over the last 12 months. We developed VIS in response to Covid-19 and just over a year on a lot has changed. One thing is certain though - our students will continually need to adapt to an ever changing job market with an ever increasing role for home/remote working.

Due to the success of our Autumn/Winter Virtual Internship Scheme (VIS), we have widened our placement offering. Introducing Bath Spa Works, developed and coordinated by the University’s Careers and Employability department, Bath Spa Works provides employers access to key initiatives that have been cultivated to address the developmental needs of our students and the business needs of our organisations.

Bath Spa Works: Internships offer more flexibility than previously on offer through VIS. You can apply for a fully funded opportunity of up to 50 hours or a match funded opportunity from 2-10 weeks. Fully funded opportunities are prioritised for charity/third sector organisations

If you would like to get involved with Bath Spa Works: Internships then please complete this project proposal form. Give as much detail as you can as this will help us when we shortlist. If your proposal is accepted we will contact you shortly after with next steps such as advert posting date, closing date and shortlist/interview timescales.

Myself and the team are genuinely looking forward to reading your proposals and if you would like to discuss anything further please get in touch.

Charlotte Placements Team Bath Spa University

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