Message from Jonno Wood the Student Journey Lead for Bath Rugby Foundation and lead coordinator for teenagers on their flagship holiday programme, BreakOut:

I am writing to you today, to share the good news that BreakOut is back this Easter, operating across BANES, Commissioned by BANES Council (with central Government funding), our BreakOut programme sees us lead our consortium of highly-skilled practitioners to deliver a multitude of sporting and creative play activities over the holiday period, whilst providing free nutritious meals, all free of charge, for young people aged 11-16 whose parents are in receipt of Pupil Premium, at our Covid-19 safe community sites.

Our partners include Youth Connect South West, Bath City FC Foundation, CURO, Off the Record and Project 28, and of course our own Bath Rugby Foundation coaches. Together we will deliver a powerful package of activities each day for young people to engage with, providing them with an opportunity to thrive and escape the pressures of lockdown.

Our sites are strategically placed in areas of deprivation within BANES to best serve the children and young people we all work with, they are:

- Southside Youth Hub, Kelston Vue, Bath , BA2 1NR

- Castle Primary School, Keynsham, BS31 2TS

- Welton Rover FC, MSN, BA3 2QD

Each hub site will operate simultaneously, running a session between 1pm-5pm on the following dates:

- Tuesday, 6th April

- Wednesday, 7th April

- Thursday, 8th April

- Friday, 9th April

- Tuesday, 13th April

- Wednesday, 14 th April

- Thursday, 15 th April

- Friday, 16 th April

All young people must adhere to our Covid-19 safety and behaviour protocols while on site with us and any young people demonstrating symptoms while with us will be asked to leave.

Due to restrictions laid out within the National Youth Guidance around COVID working, we are only able to accommodate 15 children at each session at any one time. We anticipate there to be a very high need and volume of registrations for Easter and have therefore taken the decision to manage all bookings for dates, through our BreakOut booking hot line, where our coordinator can receive parents’ calls and allocate sessions in line with our capacity.

Bath Rugby Foundation, Bath Sports Hub, Bath. BA2 4ET.

Our BreakOut booking hotline is 07741882374 (open 2pm-5pm Monday-Friday)

Or register your interest on:

If you have vulnerable young people within your organisation that are in receipt of Pupil Premium

Plus, who you feel would really benefit from this wonderful programme, the deadline for all registrations is Wednesday 31 st March, so I would encourage you to share this opportunity with them as soon as possible so that they are able to book on with us and not miss out.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with me directly.

Kindest regards,