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Chancellor's support

Yesterday the chancellor announced a package of support for charities. It’s an important start, but NCVO will be pressing the government needs to go further.

What’s in the package?

A total of £750m in new funding was announced for charities responding to the crisis in the UK.

£370m will go to small and medium-sized charities, channelled through the National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) and other organisations. It will support locally-focused charities doing most during the outbreak.

Another £360m will be allocated to charities providing essential services and supporting people during the crisis. Some is specifically earmarked for hospices, St John Ambulance to support the NHS and Citizens Advice to allow more staff to provide advice. Children’s charities and victims’ charities were also mentioned.

The government will also match public donations to the BBC’s Big Night In charity appeal, with a minimum donation of £20m to the National Emergencies Trust.

With charity shops shut and fundraising events cancelled, NCVO estimate charities stand to lose around £4bn in 12 weeks as a result of the crisis.

This is an important start, but we know it won’t be enough to prevent good charities around the country from closing their doors. Even many that survive will look very different in a few months’ time, with a severely reduced capacity to provide the support that people rely on.

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