Changes coming

B&NES Council sent us an update regarding the future of 1 Big Database bathnes, Rainbow Resource and Wellbeing Options.

As most of you know, 1 Big Database bathnes is the Universal information, advice and childcare resource for B&NES families, Rainbow Resource is our SEND Local Offer and Wellbeing Options provides information, advice, signposting, resources and activities for adults (or their carer/family) needing care or support to live independently.

B&NES will now be bringing these resources in-house. This is the ideal opportunity to combine the three existing resources into a single site, rather than having three separate websites. They will no longer use the names Wellbeing Options or 1 Big Database bathnes but will retain the Rainbow Resource name and the Rainbow Resource scheme will continue. They will confirm the new names in due course.

Although the resources are primarily for the public, especially the targeted groups of people listed above, it is of course what they hope will also be an invaluable tool for many of you in your roles; to refer service users to, for example. So, to help them ensure the new site is as excellent as possible, they’d love your input. If any of you would like to provide feedback for them to take into consideration, please do so using our surveys:

BathNES1 BD:

Rainbow Resource:

Wellbeing Options:

Or you can volunteer to ‘test’ or review the new site prior to it going live. To be a part of this, or to ask any questions about this project, please email