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Community-led climate change actions survey

In March 2019, B&NES Council declared a climate emergency and resolves to recognise the Council's key leadership role and the significant and fundamental culture shift required, politically and organisationally, to rise to this challenge. Whilst the Council is committed to providing the leadership to enable B&NES to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, they cannot do this without ambitious community action.

They are aware that many local organisations are involved in tackling the climate and ecological crisis; either as their main mission or as a result of activities that also meet other needs. They are looking to map all community-led climate action (such as, renewable energy, sustainable travel, nature conservation, education and local food projects) taking place within B&NES, with the intention of encouraging and enabling local organisations to collaborate, support each other and share skills. It will also help them consider how they can provide support for community action moving forwards

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