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Community Orchard at Larkhall Allotments

Twenty fruit trees were planted earlier this year, at Plain Ham Allotments, just below Larkhall Athletic Football Club grounds.

There is an opportunity to become involved in supporting this community project, and join the team of volunteers already caring for the trees:

With the new orchard planted up more recently and deer proofed (!) we are now looking for volunteers to support the young trees development.

Newly planted trees need at least 4-5 buckets of water per week in the first year, 3-4 in the second and 2-3 in the third - (tree officers advice). The survival rate for young trees is doubled by this alone. Extra care can be given in weeding out around the base of the tree too. If you would like to adopt a tree (or half a tree) please get in touch with Kathy Cook:

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