Community Wellbeing Hub reaches a milestone

Since 20th March 2020 to April 2021 the Community Wellbeing Hub has supported over 12, 900 calls into Triage and 69% of calls are resolved at this stage.

The hub has co-ordinated over 4418 volunteer tasks since March 2020 including 3624 for food, 612 for medication and 182 other activities i.e. electricity top up.

To date 3SG volunteers have completed an impressive £100,000 worth of shopping to support B&NES residents in the community.

3SG have access to approx. 2145 volunteers who are supporting 169 residents in the community on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

The council logistics pod at the hub has completed the following activity since March 2020:

Total of 697 emergency food parcels delivered in B&NES which has supported 834 individuals. 25% of the boxes delivered were repeats.

Emergency food boxes continue to be supplemented with frozen meals supplied by the Bath Masonic Hall Trust, Square Meals project. This project has secured funding to extend frozen meals support until August 2021.

Frozen meals have also been supplied to local charities and organisations. Since April 2020 over 44,900 meals have been distributed across B&NES.