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Coronavirus Guidance

The SCC has provided some useful questions that help small charities to think through potential issues that Coronavirus may mean for their organisation:

1. Is there is a need for some sort of awareness/reassurance campaign for your members/service users or beneficiaries?

2. Do you need to provide any specific support to those who maybe more at risk, for example if older people are too scared to go out shopping, could you arrange for shopping to be delivered?

3. Are you putting staff and volunteers at risk by continuing to run services? If this is the case, in most cases your local Public Health Department would more than likely get in contact with you directly

4. Do you have contingency plans if individual staff members and volunteers cannot deliver a service?

5. What is your policy on sick pay for staff?

6. Do you employ sessional staff or freelancers, do you need to have a position on how you will manage them being off (both for self isolation and/or sick) or if they are unable to work if you are to suspend your services?

7. Do you have updated emergency contact details for all staff? This isn’t just in case anyone gets sick, but is also if you have to contact people outside of office hours.

8. How will you cope if your staff or volunteers are forced to take time off because schools are forced to close?

More information via the SCC website here:

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