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Could Your Organisation Benefit From A Graduate Trainee?

All charities need an affordable stream of talent in their organisations. Charityworks could be the way that you as an organisation does this.

I graduated as a Fellow of the scheme is 17/18 and wanted to share my experience to see if any BANES organisations would be interested in hosting a trainee in 2021/22 or in the future.

Why I loved the programme:

For me as a graduate, it gave me the opportunity to use my newly learnt skills to help an amazing cause. With CharityWorks offering a training programme around the placement to ensure my skills were what the charity needed. It is also an opportunity to have an affordable trainee in your organisation to bring new ideas and a new perspective.

The official pitch:

Over the past 13 years, CharityWorks has worked with Christian Aid, Barnardos, LGBT Foundation, National Housing Federation, One Manchester, Accent Housing, Action on Hearing Loss, Who Cares? Scotland and a network of over 200 organisations to become the main talent pipeline for the UK non-profit sector.

Every year, Charity Works places hundreds of young leaders from all backgrounds into charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations of all shapes and sizes to start a career dedicated to social change. Their rigorous selection process and wrap-around fast-track learning and leadership programme mean that placements have an incredibly high retention rate of over 95% and offer a highly effective and affordable way to recruit and retain great, diverse, talent. In addition, in a really crucial time for the sector and our society as a whole, they are also particularly proud that their graduate pool is 40% BAME this year as they work to collectively power up and accelerate the development of the next generation of diverse talent in the sector.

Right now, they are now in the final stage of their assessment centre selection process, which means they can begin matching placements and offering you potential candidates in just a few weeks time. It would therefore be fantastic to set up a time to speak with Charityworks about any questions you might have about the programme, and understand if you have any vacancies or positions available that might well suit the programme?

Feel free to drop them an email: Craig Pemblington -

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