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Covid-19 Vaccine: Dispelling the Myths Q&A Event with expert panel

In December, CoProduce Care conducted a survey and published a report on vaccine hesitancy (click here to visit our Rapid Report page) revealing more needs to be done to support people to have their queries about vaccination answered.

As you will be aware the outcomes for people of colour and frontline workers who contract COVID19 can been very severe. The vaccine is described as a way to protect them from these harmful effects. Yet there remains misinformation and confusion around the vaccine.

Coproduce Care has decided to support people to feel confident about vaccination and allow them to get their queries answered directly in a safe space. They have put together a group of front-line medical professionals as part of a panel to answer questions on the vaccine.

They are ultimately trying to increase vaccine understanding amongst at risk groups, allowing them to make a more informed decision and dispel any myths. The live Q&A with the panel of experts took place on Monday 8th February, which you can watch back below.

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