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Digital Connectivity - Support Available

There are an estimated 1.5 million households and individuals in the UK who do not have digital access. This divide can severely disadvantage those not connected, increasing health inequalities as well as social isolation.

To help alleviate this, there are currently two separate offers which may be of interest to those who are currently not able to take advantage of internet connectivity due to financial constraints.

The first offer is from Vodafone, who are aiming to connect up to one million users by the end of 2022 by offering free SIM cards and data via UK charities. Details can be found:

This offer together with support for learning how to use the internet safely and effectively will help support disadvantaged individuals have more choice and control to access information and services as well as being able to keep in touch with others.

A separate offer comes from Hubbub with Virgin Media O2, who is launching a £400,000 fund to make tablets and free data available to community organisations across the UK.

The fund is exclusively supporting organisations such as local authorities, charities and social enterprises who work closely with temporary accommodation services, such as centres for refugees, housing for those at risk of homelessness or women’s refuges.

Details of this offer can be found here:

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