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Digital Support to Charities

Catalyst are providing funding and support to enable charities to co-design digital tools and/or solutions which will bring value to their services and communities at this time. DOT PROJECT are supporting this programme by developing a set of digital briefs which focus on responding to urgent and priority needs within the following two sector areas: - Mental health and wellbeing sector - Abuse and domestic violence DOT PROJECT would like to ensure that they develop these briefs based on the real needs that charities within this sector are experiencing, especially as those may be evolving and changing continuously. Therefore they are running ‘conversation sessions’ where you are invited to join and share your insights. DOT PROJECT appreciate that your time is very valuable at the moment, therefore there are a few conversation session slots, you can join the one most convenient for you (sign up by clicking the link): - Wednesday 28th October - 10 - 12 pm - Mental Health & Wellbeing - Thursday 29th October - 10.30 - 12.30 pm - Abuse & Domestic Violence - Friday 30th October - 10 - 12pm - Mental Health & Wellbeing - Monday 2nd November - 10 - 12pm - Abuse & Domestic Violence

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