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Discover Free Digital Solutions and Assistance Available Exclusively for Charities

Charity Digital has put together a great article offering expert advice on digital solutions and free digital assistance available to charities. We've put together an overview of their valuable advice and encourage you to find out how your organisation can make the most out of digital, even if you don't have the expertise in-house.

Keeping costs down to preserve funding often means charity professionals dabble in areas outside of their expertise, and attempt a jack-of-all-trades approach to fuel the charity's mission. As Charity Digital rightly highlights, this isn't always the most productive use of time, and can add additional stress to those charity professionals who already have fingers in many different pies.

Knowing what resources are out there to help charities with their digital needs can lift the burden on small teams without in-house digital expertise, allowing those teams to focus on what they do best, in turn creating a much more efficient operation.

Some great resources for free digital advice include...

- Offering a free 60-minute session with a matched digital expert, no strings attached. Ask a question, and you will be matched with one of their 349+ vetted volunteers, who are experts in all areas of digital, including CRMs, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Data Management, Service Design and many more!

- DigiShift hosts monthly zoom calls for hundreds of charity professionals to come together with experts to discuss and share best practice in all-things digital. As well as live events, they also have helpful podcasts and recordings to benefit from, on a variety of hot topics such as using digital technology sustainably.

- Third Sector Labs runs a series of regular free, 90-minute workshops run especially for charities, called the Curve. These workshops cover useful knowledge and awareness of the best digital resources out there whilst helping charities make the most of digital. Recent themes have included data science, and online event promotion. Similarly to DigiShift, they have recorded workshops which you can watch at any time on their website!

- A virtual hub to share a chat and a brew with another member. You'll be matched with another charity professional and get the chance to network and learn from someone new.

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