Dream Space Bath launches to amplify local stories of racism, inequality and the climate crisis

‘Your story can change our city and we’re here to make your voice heard’

This is the call out from Dream Space; an exciting new community-led project created by generosity network, Good for Nothing, which is inviting Bath residents (15 years+) to share their personal stories of the defining issues of our time - the social inequalities revealed through Covid-19, the climate crisis and racism.

For a whole month until 15 November, with support from the National Lottery’s Emerging Futures Fund, the Dream Space team is giving Bath locals a platform to speak openly on these important issues. Film it, write it or speak it - it’s up to you. These stories will be brought together in a number of vibrant and inspiring ways to connect and empower Bath’s communities and inspire change.

Good for Nothing Founder, Dan Burgess, explains how Bath residents, including students, can make their voice heard:

“We all have a story within us, Dream Space is a place for sharing them. Feelings, fears, rants, insights, ideas, poems, songs, dreams. All stories are welcome. But they must come from personal experiences of living here in Bath and how that connects with either the social inequalities revealed through Covid-19, the climate and ecological crisis or racism.

You can film it, write it or speak it - share via www.thedreamspace.co.uk or join one of our online open mic nights in November. (Tuesday 10th November - Racism, Thursday 12th November, The Climate Crisis, Tuesday 17th November, the social inequalities revealed through Covid-19).

The only Dream Space rules we have are: be kind, empathetic, and respectful.

It’s a creative experiment, and we would love everyone from community groups, students, parents and business owners to get involved.”

Inspired by the powerful and moving protests that shook the city this year, this project is giving a voice to those who may not always be heard. Ruqia Osman, an anti-racism activist and Dream Space team member, explains why she views this new storytelling experience as positive and empowering for people in Bath:

“We understand Covid-19 has highlighted a number of existing social and structural inequalities, touching the lives of every person in our city. But we don’t yet know the full story, as not everyone feels they can speak up.

At a time when we have all felt or continue to feel isolated or powerless, we hope Dream Space will not only be a fantastic creative outlet, but also one which helps Bath residents feel more connected, understood and supported by one another.”

Capturing stories from our city is just one part of the Dream Space project, as the team will also host a ‘Dreaming Session’ - an online / offline (Covid depending) gathering on Saturday 28th November to give residents an opportunity to share their ideas about how we can shape the future of our city. Dream Space team member and Bath local, Evva Semenowicz, highlighted why they have chosen to also offer a space for social imagination:

“During lockdown, some of us were able to take the time to dream about or imagine what the future or ‘the new normal’ could look like, but within no time at all we were being rushed back into business as usual. We feel Covid-19, whilst bringing huge amounts of despair and disparity, presents a unique opportunity to co-create the future on a local level.

“As the Dreaming Session will be informed by the stories we hear we don’t know what it will look like yet, but from our years with Good for Nothing, we do know that amazing things can happen when you bring like-minded and passionate people together in a safe, creative and explorative environment.”

Recognising the impact these three complex issues are having on younger people in Bath, the Dream Space team are also keen to work with young emerging Bath talent to capture, curate and share what is heard and imagined over the next few months. Young people with social media, photography, filmmaking and blogging skills are being invited to join the Dream Space crew, along with local mentors who could help support them.

To share your story or get involved with Dream Space please visit www.thedreamspace.co.uk or follow #DreamSpaceBath.